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- CBT (125CC Bike Licence)

-Provisional or UK Driving License​


-Proof of address.

-Vehicles can only be used for food delivery purposes (proof needed).

-We do not provide insurance. Certificate of motor insurance will be required.

-Minimum hire time is 4 weeks.

-Bikes can only be rented and  used inside London.

-Free servicing is included.

-Hire is suspended in Hounslow,Feltham, Hanworth and bordering areas . It's not possible to rent to residents/workers of this region.

- To reserve a scooter, the deposit of £250 has to be paid. This deposit is refundable. We will send the vehicle details shortly after this.

-We hold it for 2 days after the day the vehicle is available.

-Cancellations have a £10 administrative fee charge. Refunds might take 1 to 3 working days.

-Payment for the first week of rental will be needed on the day you collect your scooter.

-Rent will be paid by Direct Debit so a debit card has to be presented.

Please note that we cannot accept pictures of documents and everything presented has to be under the hirer's name.



The Honda Vision is the most affordable option. A standard, reliable scooter with a 110cc engine. It comes with muffs and a pizza Box.


The Honda PCX is a balanced vehicle with good price and good features. This bike has a 125cc engine. It comes with heated grips, muffs, leg covers, charger plug and a pizza Box.


The Yamaha NMax is the most complete option we have. This bike has front and back ABS brakes and a 125cc engine. The vehicle comes with heated grips, muffs, leg covers, charger plug, screen and a pizza Box..

Want one? Let us know!



Thank you! Our team will contact you regarding availbility.

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