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Welcome to Ben Scooters

Since our establishment in 2001, Ben Scooters has been at the epi-center of the motorcycle trade, specialising in the unique needs of the fast-food delivery industry. Our longstanding expertise has made us the go-to choice for couriers on the go.

Strategically Located for Your Convenience

With two dynamic branches in the heart of London and two in the bustling city of Paris, we ensure that quality service and support are never more than a ride away. Whether you're looking to rent, purchase, or sell a motorcycle, our doors are open, and our knowledgeable team is ready to assist.

A Legacy of Excellence

Ben Scooters holds the title of the oldest standing motorcycle fast-food courier mechanics in London, a testament to our unwavering dedication to the craft of motorcycle maintenance and our deep understanding of the courier business.


Merchandise with a Pedigree Branching out from our core, we proudly introduce BSC – our merchandise division that embodies the essence of our brand. From apparel to accessories, BSC is synonymous with quality and style, designed for riders who demand the best.

Join the ranks of our esteemed clientele, which includes top names in the fast-food delivery sector, and experience a service that's tailored to the high-paced demands of the courier world. At Ben Scooters, we don't just power your ride; we fuel your passion for the road.

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