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Introducing the BSC Reflective Rider Tee – where innovative safety meets effortless style. This 100% cotton T-shirt is a staple piece for any rider, offering not just comfort but also an added layer of visibility for those late-night rides. The reflective BSC logo on the front isn’t just a statement of brand pride; it's designed to catch the light and enhance your visibility on the road. The soft, breathable fabric ensures all-day comfort, whether you're navigating city streets or cruising on the open road. With its sleek design and functional reflective feature, this T-shirt is a must-have for riders who demand both style and safety. Be seen with BSC – where the journey is just as important as the destination.

BSC X BRAZIL Reflective T-Shirt

    • Wash: To maintain the integrity of the reflective print and the quality of the fabric, wash your T-shirt in cold water. For best results, turn the shirt inside out before washing to protect the reflective logo.

    • Iron: Ensure your T-shirt looks its best by ironing at a low temperature setting. Iron inside out to safeguard the reflective detail. Avoid direct ironing over the print.

    • Drying: To preserve the shape and size of your T-shirt, please do not tumble dry. Instead, hang to dry naturally. This will prevent any shrinkage and keep the reflective elements intact.

    By following these care instructions, your BSC Reflective Rider Tee will continue to look great ride after ride.

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